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Las Vegas Shows 2019

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Las Vegas Shows 2018-2019 all information & schedule. Guide to Most Popular & Upcoming shows in Vegas. Tickets for these Vegas shows are always on sale, so you’re able to find as many as you need for a great, discounted price. Our guide to Shows in Vegas will help you find the best prices on show tickets. Visit to get the best rate on Las Vegas Shows, find deals and save on Las Vegas shows & more events. Find shows in Las Vegas with showtimes, deals & reviews.

Tickets to Las Vegas Shows

When you want to watch Las Vegas shows, then you need tickets for these shows. This is something that you can get for a discounted rate when it comes to seeing some of the best shows that Vegas has to offer. These shows are plentiful and if you’re in the area, then they are something that can provide you with a good time when it comes to visiting this lively city.

See the shows that intrigue you and make you want to find out how to go about getting cheap tickets to sit in some of the best seats and get more from your visit.

Las Vegas Shows – include

Production Shows

The city of Las Vegas is the home of big productions and bigger shows, and they all come together in the legendary Las Vegas shows. Whether you are in town for a quick weekend with your sweetheart or planning a week-long vacation, you should make it a point to catch one of these excellent production numbers.

The shows vary, but what they all have in common is exceptional production quality and top-notch entertainment. Among the most popular Las Vegas Production shows are “O” ShowAbsinthe, the Blue Man Group, Le Reve “The Dream”V – The Ultimate Variety Show, Blue Man Show,  Cirque du Soleil shows and more.

The city of Las Vegas is known for many things, including its fine music and resident musicians. Whether you are looking for a blast from the past or a concert straight off the Top 40 charts, you can find it here.

Vegas is home to an enormous number of musical acts and musical tribute shows. From the most obscure to the biggest headliners, visitors to Las Vegas can dance the night away and rock out to their favorite bands. There are tribute shows to acts as diverse as Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Prince and the Rat Pack, live headlines like Celine Dion and dance bands and DJ’s to help you dance the night away. If you love music, Las Vegas is definitely the place to be.

Comedy Shows

If you love to laugh, Vegas is definitely the place to be. The city of Las Vegas has long been the proving ground for comedians, and many comics who have already made a name for themselves return to their home away from home, performing in front of packed audiences, trying out new materials and making people laugh.

There are more comedians than you can count in the city of Las Vegas, but some of the most notable include Terry Fator, the hilarious Defending the Caveman show, the comedic stylings of Ralphie May and the comedy magic of Penn and Teller. Popular comedy venues include The Laugh Factory and the L.A. Comedy Club.

Dinner and Show Packages

Las Vegas is known for many things, but chief among them are food and entertainment. If you are coming to town, you can combine those two passions by booking tickets for dinner and a show.

Buying tickets for dinner and a show is a great way to spend a night in Vegas, and there are plenty of shows to choose from. Whether you are in the mood for a world-class hypnotist, top quality country music or a tribute to the Rat Pack and the Vegas of old, you will find it here – and the meal is included at no extra charge.

Magic Shows

The city of Las Vegas is all about magic. If you do not believe that, just walk into a casino and watch your money disappear. If you are looking for magic of a different sort, you will find it in abundance here, with tons of working magicians and illusionists everywhere you turn.

Vegas is a great place to see a magic show, and the production values here are second to none. Everyone has their favorites, but some of the most popular magic shows in Las Vegas include David Copperfield, Mat Franco, the comedy magic of Mike Hammer and Nathan Burton and the always entertaining Penn & Teller.

Tribute Shows

If you are looking for a great tribute show, you will find it in the city of Las Vegas. Vegas has a long and storied history, with musicians of all stripes making their names here and spreading their artistry far and wide.

Many of those Las Vegas alumni are now the subjects of excellent tribute shows. Perhaps most notably, the tribute to the legendary Rat Pack is not to be missed. But there are other tribute shows here as well, including an Australian tribute to The Bee Gees, an orchestral tribute to The Beatles and a stunning Prince tribute show called Purple Reign. No matter what kind of music you love, you will find it in tribute form on your trip to Vegas.

Hypnosis Shows

If you have always wanted to be hypnotized, or test your resistance to this unique form of mind control, you will get your chance in Las Vegas. The city is home to a number of hypnotists and mind reading shows, so you can check it out any time you wish.

Some of the most popular hypnosis and mind reading shows in Vegas include Anthony Cools, Kevin Lepine, mentalist Gerry McCambridge and the comedic hypnosis of Marc Savard. Whether you are a true believer in the power of hypnosis or a dedicated skeptic, you will find plenty of mind-bending shows in the city of Las Vegas.

Adult Shows

Vegas has often been described as Disneyland for grownups, and what happens here stays here. Visitors to Vegas love their adult-themed shows, and they can find them in abundance in the city that never sleeps.

You will see billboards for adult-oriented entertainment everywhere you turn, but some of the most popular adult shows in the city include the hilarious 50 Shades the Parody, the well-titled Aussie Heat, the timeless Chippendales, Fantasy and Crazy Girls. The Magic Mike Live show is coming in March, and ladies everywhere are already lining up for tickets

Headliner Shows

Las Vegas is arguably the entertainment capital of the world, with headliner shows everywhere you turn and artists in residence ready to entertain visitors from across town and across the globe. Whether you are coming to Vegas for a weekend getaway or a longer stay, scoring tickets to one of these headliner shows can make your trip more special.

Celine Dion, Elton John, Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, Cher & Jennifer Lopez – may be the best known of the headliners, and her resident show is always a big draw. But she is not the only game in town, and fans can catch spectacular shows like the Blue Man Group and the family friendly stylings of Donny and Marie Osmond.

Cirque du Soleil Shows

In just a short time, the creators of Cirque du Soleil have redefined the circus experience. There are no lions, no tigers, and no dancing bears, but attendees do not miss the animals one bit. In their place, there are amazing acrobats, compelling storylines and fascinating performances visitors will not soon forget.

Las Vegas is ground zero for Cirque du Soleil, with plenty of shows for visitors to choose from. Those offerings include the music-inspired Michael Jackson ONE, Criss Angel magic show and The Beatles LOVE, the adult-themed erotic celebration Zumanity, the aquatic O, the exotic KA and the original Mystere. No matter which one you choose, you will never see the circus the same way again. has the best tickets prices and general tickets to fit your needs and budget. Go behind the scenes of your favorite shows to learn how they come alive, or get preferential treatment with pre-show meals and other perks. If you’re looking for a more casual event, we have tickets in any tier to ensure that you get to do everything you want on your trip!

Seeing a show is an essential part of the Vegas experience. Las Vegas is the city of lights and a world-class leader in entertainment, and nothing compares to the magic of witnessing a show for yourself! Check out our selection of Vegas show tickets for today to complete your unforgettable vacation!

Vegas wonderfully mixes the classic with the trendsetting, and you can catch the latest acts alongside legends of the trade. Elton John, Rod Stewart, and Lionel Richie are all in town, and they prove that the Vegas Strip has something for everyone!

Plus, all of these shows are at state-of-the-art amphitheaters and arenas, so you are treated to the best lighting and sound to enhance the incredible performances. Enjoy Las Vegas shows at the Mirage, Cosmopolitan, MGM Grand, or the new T-Mobile Arena and more!

Check out our extensive catalogue of Vegas shows and events. You’re sure to find something that will enhance your next trip. We have tickets in all tiers, including discounted tickets, last-minute deals, group bundles, and VIP packages. Remember to book early since Vegas is a world-renowned tourist hotspot! Now find a show that you simply can’t miss, and count down the days until your amazing Vegas vacation!

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Las Vegas Shows Schedule 2018 – 2019


    The city of Las Vegas is one of the premier spots for entertainment, with shows of all varieties at every turn. If you want to be entertained, it will not take you long to find a show. No matter what your tastes, you will find plenty of ways to entertain yourself and everyone in your party. With top acts from the world’s leading performers, you’re guaranteed to be dazzled and amazed from these events. Every show you see is guaranteed to be a feast for the eyes and ears. Las Vegas arrange serious competitions for the possibility of holding Shows and Concerts. These shows feature the best lights, the best sound, and of course, the best performers. Even if you’re in town for just one night, you have time to catch your favorite show. The entertainment in Vegas is unmatched, and you’ll see why after just one show. Don’t miss out on Vegas’ top shows during your next trip. Las Vegas Shows are part of the true experience and they know for sure how to deliver the entertainment to its visitors. See the shows that intrigue you and make you want to find out how to go about getting cheap tickets. Find the best seats and get more from your visit. Many great shows are happening, so you wouldn’t want to miss out on an awesome magic show or band cover that is going to be performing. Don’t forget about most popular shows in Las Vegas. From stunning magic shows like David Copperfield and Penn & Teller to adult-themed shows like Cirque du Soleil’s Zumanity and the ever-erotic Chippendales and Crazy Girls to top quality musicians like Celine Dion, Vegas is home to some of the best shows in the world. Tickets for these Las Vegas shows are always on sale, so you’re able to find as many as you need for a great, discounted price. Partnership – web promotion