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Bachelor Party Las Vegas? Are you trying to plan the perfect bachelor party?
Las Vegas is home to some of the country’s finest strip clubs – the perfect setting for over-the-top bachelor parties. While the city has a reputation for excess, your party can actually be quite affordable if you plan ahead and look for deals. For instance, it’s less expensive to book a suite with multiple rooms (a “celebrity suite”) than to pay for individual rooms for everyone. Suites are a convenient way to accommodate large groups of friends, and most hotels have bachelor party deals for out-of-towners looking to celebrate in Sin City.
The 24-hour strip clubs in Las Vegas are of course the centerpiece of any bachelor party, but you’ll need to plan ahead for which clubs to visit.
Booking ahead not only saves you money, but also keeps you from wasting half your night waiting in line.
A bottle service package includes full bottles of liquor for your group to share – while paying $200 for a bottle of liquor may seem outrageous, it’s actually very cost effective when everyone splits the bill.
These packages include priority seating, so you’ll be escorted directly to your table and can spend more time partying than waiting in line.
You won’t have to wait for drinks either, so you and your friends can sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery.
Some of the best Las Vegas strip clubs for bachelor parties include:

Cheetah’s Gentlemen’s Club on Western Avenue.
The recently renovated Cheetah’s has a neon-illuminated main party room with a large stage, two smaller stages, lots of poles and mirrors and wide-screen TV’s to watch sports on.
There’s also a VIP section with its own private room, a limousine service and a selection of packages to accommodate groups of any size.

Sapphire on Sammy Davis Jr. Drive.
Sapphire is the area’s largest, most diverse club with over 70,000 square feet of entertainment.
There are beautiful women everywhere and you can pay for a private session simply by swiping your credit card.
Sapphire offers 6 bachelor party packages that include limo service, VIP tables and Sapphire swag for the groom-to-be.

Crazy Horse III on West Russell Road.
Crazy Horse III is a trendy, modern club with plenty of seats so you’ll always have a good view.
There are six party packages that include transportation, shout-outs from the DJ and priority seating, or if you prefer, you can book a private suite. Crazy Horse III also serves a full menu including burgers, wings, pizza and sushi.
If you want your bachelor party to include hundreds of hot women, plenty of alcohol and some great late night fiascos, you’ll find these and more in Las Vegas.

Just remember that Las Vegas is not a small town where you can slip the doorman a tip and get inside – these clubs are always packed and you’ll need to book your party in advance.
However, once you walk through the VIP entrance you’ll have a new understanding of the saying “whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”.

Bachelor Party Las Vegas – More clubs:



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    If you want to throw a great party, you may think about taking it out of town. Surely a night on the town where you live might be fun, but heading to one of North America’s other party places can turn the weekend into something special. Las Vegas – best spot in North America for transforming a bachelor party into an event to remember.

    Las Vegas for the traditional stag. Some might say Las Vegas is a cliché for bachelor parties. Others will say that Vegas offers everything you need to produce the epic weekend. Vegas can be expensive, but for professional men who have cash to spend, it offers opportunities unlike anywhere else in the world.

    With some of the best suites in the world–including the famed Hardwood Suite at the Palms and the more affordable Sky Suites at MGM Grand–Las Vegas can accommodate a large group of party-goers. There’s great golf in the area, all the gambling you can handle, and wild pool parties. If you’re into strip clubs, Las Vegas has a handful of the world’s premier spots, including the Spearmint Rhino and Sapphire.

    Throwing a bachelor party can be a rewarding experience if you know what you’re doing. A destination weekend may seem imposing, but it can transform an ordinary trip into one the groom will remember forever. Give these hot spots a look if you and your friends have the money and time to do it.

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