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Cheap Things To Do in Las Vegas 2018

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Cheap Things To Do in Las Vegas 2018

Cheap Things To Do in Las Vegas – Inexpensive Activities for the Most Exciting City in the World!
It is easy to spend a fortune in Las Vegas. All you have to do is pick the wrong slot machine or sidle up to the wrong blackjack table. Even so, the beauty of vacationing in Las Vegas is that you can spend as much, or as little, as you like.
Unlike some equally popular travel destinations, Las Vegas is still a surprisingly affordable place to visit. If you know where to look, there are fun free and low-cost activities everywhere you turn. Here are some of the best inexpensive ways to pass the time in the city that never sleeps.

Play On the House

Let’s face it – if you visit Las Vegas, you will eventually come face to face with a slot machine. If you do not want that one-armed bandit to live up to its name, you need to do some planning before you pull the handle.
One of the cheapest ways to gamble in Las Vegas is to sign up for as many player’s clubs as you can. Las Vegas is home to dozens of casinos, all vying for your attention, and your dollars. As a result, most of those gaming palaces offer sign-up bonuses for new player card members. If you play your cards, and your slot machines, right, you could be spinning and winning on the house’s dime for quite some time. If you come out on the winning side, you can use your windfall to fund the rest of your cheap Vegas vacation.

Take a Ride Down the Strip

The Las Vegas Strip is one of the most photographed, and most widely traveled, streets on the planet, and there are many ways to traverse it. From stretch limousines to taxicabs and Uber rides to your own two feet, you can get around as expensively, or cheaply, as you like.

Unless you are an avid hiker, or a glutton for punishment, you probably do not want to walk the entire Strip. When your feet start to give out, just join the locals for a ride on the city bus. The aptly-named Deuce route operates 24 hours a day and traverses the entire Las Vegas Strip, stopping at all the major hotels and casinos along the way. There is also a monorail that serves many Strip hotels, although the $6.00 one-way fare may be too much for the dedicated Vegas cheapskate.

Enjoy the Dancing Waters

The dancing fountain show at the Bellagio Hotel is one a true Vegas classic, and it is not to be missed. Best of all, you can watch the show for free, as long as you stake out your viewing spot early.

While you are waiting for the show to begin, you can indulge in another free Las Vegas activity – people watching. From couples on their honeymoon to locals rushing to their jobs, you will see a cross-section of humanity and get a real education on people and how they behave. Observing people and meeting the locals is one of the joys of travel, and you are sure to have a blast people watching in Las Vegas.

Head Downtown

The prices of food, lodging and entertainment may have spiked along the famed Las Vegas Strip, but not all properties have followed suit. Many desirable parts of the city still offer affordable hotel rooms, low-priced gourmet dining and other goodies.

You will find lots of these travel bargains downtown, so catch the city bus to Fremont Street and do some exploring. While there, do not forget to catch the free laser light show – it is truly spectacular.

Even along the Strip, you can still find some bargains if you head down the side streets. Just a block away from those $100 steakhouses, you can find a slab of meat that is just as delicious for less than a third of the price. Vegas is a wonderful place to explore, and you can find some real hidden gems in your hunt for bargains.

You do not have to spend a fortune to enjoy the beauty of Las Vegas. All you need is some creativity and a sense of adventure. With so many free and inexpensive things to see and do, you can soak in the excitement of the city and leave with your wallet intact.

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