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Cheap Las Vegas Show Tickets – all information & schedule. Guide to Most Popular & Upcoming shows in Vegas. Find shows in Las Vegas with showtimes, deals & reviews. Find cheap tickets to the best shows in Las Vegas with showtimes, deals & reviews.

Top Tips For Buying Cheap Tickets to Las Vegas’s Hottest Shows

Visit the website of any Las Vegas show, and you’ll be amazed at the expensive prices for the entertainment. Tickets can be several hundred dollars for just one seat, which is too expensive for most conservative budgets. Don’t be left out of the fun because you can find cheap tickets to Las Vegas’s hottest shows with a few tricks of the trade. Explore these strategies so that you can be front and center for that next concert or Cirque du Soleil performance.

1. Shop Early

From the moment that you learn a trip to Vegas is in the works, start picking show dates and times. Purchasing your tickets well ahead of the show date often results in some early-bird specials. These shows want to know that their seats are selling as quickly as they’re put out for sale. By reserving your seats early on, discounts on single or dual seats are possible. Ideally, buy your tickets several months before the show date. The prices will only grow in price from that point forward.

2. Try Online Promo Codes

Every show has a slump in sales at some point. These slow-moving periods are when you’ll find legitimate promo codes online. Search for “cheap Vegas tickets” online, and many sites pop up with these promo codes. Simply use the codes during your online-checkout process. Be aware that some codes might be expired. Pay attention to your checkout amount both before and after you plug in the promo code. If it works, you’ll see a discount of 30 or 50 percent. Cancel the transaction if the code is expired. You won’t be charged anything, but you’ll have to continue your search for tickets at that point.

3. Check the Strip’s Kiosks

Along the Vegas Strip, you’ll find brightly colored kiosks advertising tickets for deep discounts. These businesses are legitimate because they’re simply trying to sell every single ticket before the curtain reveals the show. They’ll post the shows offered and current rates for each performance. Some kiosks might have different shows to choose from so you may want to visit several of them before making a final purchase. It’s necessary to physically visit these ticket suppliers, however. The on-sale shows are for that day only in many cases. If you don’t find a better deal prior to visiting Las Vegas, these kiosks are perfect for those last-minute deals.

4. Sign up for a Timeshare Vacation

The next time you’re in Las Vegas, talk to the salespeople who come up to you in random hotels. These salespeople sell timeshares in the area, and they offer great incentives to watch their presentations. In most cases, you’ll receive free show tickets and possibly a hotel stay by volunteering for a future, timeshare presentation. You’ll only receive the show tickets after the presentation, but that only requires a few hours of your time. There’s no purchase necessary either.

5. Consider Off-Season Visits

Las Vegas is open for business 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, but they do have their slow seasons. Wintertime before and after the holidays is a perfect time to find those discounted show tickets. In fact, you might find discounts as lucrative as 2-for-1 sales. Go online, type in an off-season date and look for any applicable discounts. Vegas businesses want you to spend your money on gambling, food and lodging so offering discounted show tickets is one of their incentives to get you to the city. Enjoy a show that would be out of your budget otherwise.

6. Ask the Concierge

A secret outlet for show tickets is your hotel’s concierge. When extra seats are available, the show’s administrators will often distribute the tickets to the concierge desks in the immediate area. Try the concierge at the hotel where the show is being held. The tickets might be discounted or free altogether, especially if you’re a guest at that particular hotel. If that concierge doesn’t have the tickets, they might be able to point you to a desk with some show opportunities.

7. Befriend a Local

Las Vegas loves its visitors, but it also pays tribute to its residents too. Befriend a local who might buy some tickets for you. With the proper identification, the local will often receive a great discount on expensive tickets. Research the shows that offer this perk. Every show has its own limitations on discounts, but it’s not uncommon for Vegas or Nevada residents to be treated kindly by ticket sellers.

8. Hit the Slots

It may seem counter-intuitive to gamble with the money that you want to save for a show, but complimentary tickets are possible through this route. Pick out penny or nickel slots, and start playing the games. Casino managers usually note the loyal players in the area. They might offer you a comp of a free show as you continue to play. As long as you remain with the inexpensive slots, you’ll barely lose any money as you gain comped show tickets.

9. Select a Matinee Performance

A matinee performance is normally cheaper than a nighttime reservation. People simply want the status of going to a night show. There’s absolutely no difference between the daytime and nighttime shows, however. Pick a 2 p.m. showtime, and you’ll notice an inexpensive price popping up on an online portal. Ideally, any show before 5 p.m. will be a great deal for most travelers.

10. Don’t Forget Sunday and Monday

Thursday, Friday and Saturday are the most expensive days and nights in Vegas. Show tickets will be at a premium price. To really save money, travel to Sin City between Sunday and Wednesday. Early-week tickets will be discounted because of the lower volume of visitors. You’ll benefit with a spectacular show and little investment.

Find Cheap Vegas Show Tickets

  • Cheap Tickets to Las Vegas's Hottest Shows

    Plan ahead or try those last-minute deals for the best tickets in town. Vegas shows go on year-round so you’re bound to find and see a favorite performance at some point. Sin City is known for its entertainment, and you won’t be disappointed with the choices along the Strip.