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Best Free Things to do At Las Vegas Casinos

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Best Free Things to do At Las Vegas Casinos

Most of the activities associated with Las Vegas casinos involve spending (or losing) money – gambling, eating, drinking, shopping, etc. You don’t have to spend money all the time, however. When you want to take a break from the thrill of the table or the lure of the dice, try these four free things available at many Las Vegas casinos.

1. Learn How Gamble

If you have never gambled or been to a casino before, the whole experience can be daunting. There is a lot of jargon used, some of the games happen very fast, and the rules are not always easy to understand. If you are not familiar with the games or the etiquette of a casino, you can go to one of the free gaming lessons that many casinos offer. This includes Excalibur which offers lessons in poker, roulette, blackjack, and craps.

2. Visit an Attraction

Many casinos in Las Vegas feature world-class attractions, and most of them are free. They include the huge Wildlife Habitat at the Flamingo which features a wide range of birds including, of course, the flamingo. The Bellagio has a 14,000 square-foot Conservatory and Botanical garden, The LINQ Hotel has a car collection featuring 250 vehicles, and Golden Nugget displays the world largest gold nugget in its lobby. Other attractions include the rock memorabilia on display at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, or the $28 million Popeye sculpture at Wynn.

3. Catch a Show

Many of the free shows that casinos put on are world famous, but the best known is probably the fountains at Bellagio – they featured in the movie Ocean’s 11. Other shows that are available include the Fall of Atlantis Fountain Show at Caesars Palace and the circus at Circus Circus. For something completely different you should go to the Mirage to see the 54-foot replica volcano erupt.

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Best Free Things to do At Las Vegas Casinos

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4. Head for Some Entertainment

You can catch live entertainment at many of the bars, lounges, and clubs at the casinos in Las Vegas. Of course, you will have to pay for drinks and any other refreshments, but you can get into many venues for free, plus there is a wide selection of music and artists to choose from.

It is impossible to go to Las Vegas and not spend money – the whole city is designed to accumulate as much cash from its visitors in as short a space of time as possible. Not everything in Las Vegas cost money though – in fact, some of the highlights and most memorable parts are completely free.

Bellagio’s famous attraction is its water show, but it’s not the only one. Open 24/7 is the hotel’s Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, which showcases beautiful and colorful flora according to season and hosts live performances from 5 to 6 pm. For your curious future botanists and gardeners, head there from 10:30 to 11:30 pm to meet Mr. and Mrs. Green Thumb.

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