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Las Vegas Concerts April 2017

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Las Vegas Concerts April 2017 – monthly schedule. Live music bands – Country music, Rock, R&B, Metal, Hip Hop, Alternative and other headliners. View deals on Concert and event tickets.
Las Vegas offers unlimited entertainment options and Las Vegas concerts are definitely on top of its list. There are plenty of events to choose. No other city in the world can compete with the concert selection and deals Las Vegas has to offer.
For an evening full of fun and excitement, attend one of the Las Vegas concerts April 2017 and make memories that will last a lifetime!
If you’re visiting Vegas because you want to experience entertainment that’s as big as the city itself, our complete listing of the many incredible major productions in Las Vegas will help you decide which of the events will be the ideal experience for you.

Information about events schedule, discount tickets and all sorts of deals are available here for your convenience.
If you want to sing along to your favorite songs, then head to one of the top headlining shows which includes acts like Britney Spears, Celine Dion, and other legends of the trade. The concerts in Vegas are bigger than anywhere else, and these spectacles are sure to leave you breathless!

You can find concerts and events in numerous genres for an unforgettable evening! Enjoy hard rock, classic R&B, current pop hits, or golden age classics and more! Vegas is extremely artistically diverse, and the concert scene proves it!
View deals on Concert and event tickets.
Don’t miss the hottest Las Vegas concerts in April 2017! These shows will likely sell out so book early to get the best seats at the best prices in town. We have concert tickets in all prices and tiers so you can have the best night of your life! We offer discount tickets, exclusive tickets to sold out shows, group bundles, plus VIP packages to enhance your evening. Book early to have an amazing time on your Vegas vacation!

Las Vegas Concerts April 2017 – Best Prices


    Las Vegas Concerts April 2017. Everything is possible in Sin City! From the neon strip to the classic hotel-casinos, there are endless options for having a great vacation. Of course, no trip is complete without experiencing one of the many grand Las Vegas concerts available in April 2017!

    Las Vegas has a spectacular history of bringing the best worldwide musicians right to the Strip. Elvis, Frank Sinatra, and Cher are some of the classic staples, and the concerts in Vegas today are better than ever! From headlining superstars to classic rock along with everything else under the sun, Vegas remains one of the most diverse entertainment cities in the world!

    Every night, you can find magical shows that cater to all tastes. Pop superstars such as Britney Spears and Celine Dion bring shows specifically designed to Vegas that are simply unbelievable. These shows incorporate their greatest hits along with amazing choreography, lighting, and state-of-the-art effects for an unforgettable experience. You may have seen a concert before, but you haven’t seen anything until you experience it in Vegas!

    Guitar legends like Santana come to Vegas and light up the stage with an incredible band and raw energy. Country legends play right next door to classic R&B groups, and you can find any genre of music you love from any era on the timeless Strip!

    Enjoy a romantic dinner and then listen to emotional ballads. Throw on your best clubbing outfit and dance the night away, or enjoy a family event for a great bonding experience. The options are endless, and nothing brings people closer together than Las Vegas concerts!

    Even if you’re in town for just one night, Vegas is sure to have an event that blows you away! Enjoy a night of music, or go for a comedy show with stand-up, music, and other hilarious theatrics. Catch a show featuring death-defying stunts, or watch magicians as they toy with your entire perception of reality. These shows will create memories that last a lifetime, and they are only available in Vegas!

    As one of the world’s most visited destinations, Las Vegas events can quickly sell out or have the best seats taken early. To ensure that you get the exact price and tier your desire, we have the best selection of tickets on sale so you can customize your entertainment! Book tickets at a great discount, or buy in a group bundle to save even more! Get last minute tickets to sold out shows, or book early to have more choices. Plus, we have great VIP packages where you can go behind the scenes of your favorite shows and enjoy extra luxurious perks.

    You deserve to have the best vacation possible. By booking now, you can see the show you want with the best seats and prices in town! Check out the full schedule to find Las Vegas concerts in April 2017 that you can’t miss!