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Las Vegas Concerts January 2019

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Las Vegas concerts January 2019. The best Las Vegas concerts start the year off right in January, and there’s nothing better than witnessing an amazing show on your fabulous vacation! Vegas’ lights are always on and always bright, but nothing is more exhilarating than seeing your favorite performer in a premium venue on the neon Strip!
One of the main headliners in January is Celine Dion, and her Vegas residency brings back all of her favorite hits in a night full of unforgettable moments. Britney Spears returns with a stunning show full of her greatest songs, dances, plus brand new theatrics that will blow your mind!

If you want to rock the night away, Carlos Santana brings his acclaimed band back to the Strip for a night of perfect guitar solos and smooth licks. Santana is a legend not only in rock, but also in jazz, fusion, salsa, and even pop with his assortment of hits. With so many classic songs in different genres, you won’t want to miss this performance of a lifetime!

Enjoy a romantic evening with the songs of Van Morrison. Like a fine wine, his voice continues to improve through the years, adding an extra layer of emotion to his already potent classics. Clint Holmes is also in town, and so are The Righteous Brothers meaning you have endless Las Vegas concerts to enjoy during your vacation!

Many of these shows sell out in advance, and you should book your tickets ASAP to get the exact price and tier you desire. We have a vast selection of seats in all prices and locations along with premium VIP packages to enhance your event. No matter your budget or desires, we have the tickets you want to make your vacation perfect!

Las Vegas concerts January 2019 are guaranteed to be unforgettable. Get your tickets today to join the fun!


    Las Vegas concerts January 2019. Dare to dream big. In Las Vegas, creativity and excitement are in endless supply, and there’s no better way to tap into the fun than at the best Las Vegas concerts! In January,  you have countless great concerts and events to choose from, and each one is sure to be the highlight of your vacation!

    Whether your love current radio pop, classic ballads, rock n’ roll, or soothing melodies, Las Vegas has you covered! Vegas brings in world-renowned talent from all eras so that you are sure to find a show that fits you best.

    Enjoy a candlelit dinner and then head to Van Morrison as he plays his famous love songs in a wonderful setting. Join Celine Dion as her angelic voice fills the theater, or watch as Britney Spears brings the latest dance routines to an all-out extravaganza you can’t miss!

    Enjoy the smooth performance of accomplished performer Clint Holmes during his special Vegas residency. His show is the total package, and it’s sure to be a highlight of your trip! If you’re in the mood for some rocking R&B, The Righteous Brothers bring soulful hits right to the Strip for a night of dancing and toe-tapping melodies!

    Everything is bigger in Vegas. From the stages to the dances, and from the pyrotechnics to the set lists, you will always get your money’s worth at any one of the Las Vegas concerts available. No matter where you’re sitting, these shows pack a visual punch alongside the classic music you love to make your night extra special!

    Where else but Vegas is music combined so beautifully with spectacle? Go wild as Carlos Santana jams with other masters of the trade as he brings his greatest hits to town. Enjoy it sitting down or stand up and dance the night away!

    Plus, the top Las Vegas concerts are held inside some of the Strip’s best hotel casinos! Enjoy the lavish decorations, different and engaging themes, plus the uniqueness of each hotel as you head to your show. Whether it’s in the MGM Grand, Stratosphere, Caesar’s Palace, or the Flamingo, you will experience classic Vegas history in all of its glory!

    All of the venues are near world-class restaurants, so make your vacation memorable with a delicious meal and a concert for dessert! Concerts are great for date nights, group parties, a night of fun with the family or on your own. These top shows are both calming and energizing, and they will make for great memories as the soundtrack of your vacation!

    Make your vacation complete by attending one of these top Las Vegas concerts in January! We have an incredible selection of tickets in all price ranges so you can confidently get what you desire. With tickets in all tiers plus unique VIP packages, you can customize your vacation any way you’d like. Book early to enjoy one of these amazing concerts on your next trip!

    Don’t miss out on the concert tickets and incredible deals. For the best Las Vegas concerts make sure to check out our schedule and have an experience of a lifetime!