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Las Vegas Concerts July 2017

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Las Vegas Concerts July 2017 – monthly schedule. Live music bands – Country music, Rock, R&B, Metal, Hip Hop, Alternative and other headliners. View deals on Concert and event tickets.
Dreams always come true in Las Vegas! In Sin City, everything is bigger, brighter, and better! Events are more fun, and the energy on the Strip is unlike anything else in the world. Music lovers will have endless choices as well since Las Vegas concerts feature the greatest performers and sets. With great shows all throughout July 2017, you’re guaranteed to find something you love!

Concerts in Vegas are great for all ages and all types of people. Whether you’re coming with your family or friends, on a business trip, or a romantic honeymoon or event, there’s something for you to enjoy! Head to one of the nightly concerts featuring your favorite bands and performers for an unforgettable addition to your trip.

World-famous acts come to Vegas for the show of a lifetime. This is a city where Sinatra and Elvis tore up the Strip, and the talent is still pouring in! Watch as major acts perform their greatest hits in all genres, and experience a stage show that is simply unbelievable!
Fans of all ages will find something to enjoy from rock n’ roll, R&B, radio pop, and golden era classics. Enjoy an intimate performance or go for a loud theatrical extravaganza. This is Vegas, and that means everything is possible!

Enjoy a romantic concert, or go with a group to dance all night. Watch a family-friendly show with the kids, or head to a more risque show for a wonderfully decadent evening. You can even find comedy shows to have a night full of laughs and entertainment!

To make your Vegas trip perfect, we have a wide selection of tickets in all tiers and prices. Look through our show selection and choose from discounted tickets, bundles, VIP packages, last minute tickets, and more! Las Vegas concerts are the best way to enhance your vacation, and July 2017 is full of amazing entertainment options for you to enjoy!

Las Vegas Concerts July 2017


    Las Vegas concerts are the perfect addition to your next vacation! In July 2017, there are endless shows and events to choose from that feature the best acts from multiple genres. No other city does concerts like Vegas, and you deserve to experience one today!

    Vegas is the world’s greatest entertainment hotspot, and top bands come to perform amazing concerts night after night on the famous Strip. Not only are the shows amazing, but each venue provides a wonderful piece of Vegas history! Explore grand hotel-casinos like the Flamingo, MGM Grand, and more as you experience music on their legendary stages! This is the same city that once held Elvis and Sinatra, and the music scene today is better than ever!

    Enjoy top acts including pop headliners, rock n’ roll classics, and the greatest singers in all genres. Soaring ballads transport you back in time, and lively R&B keeps you dancing all night long! Las Vegas concerts are so diverse and unique that you are sure to find something you love!

    These concerts are the best way to start your night off right in Vegas! After an amazing day, you will have something to look forward to on the neon Strip. Get dressed up or go casually, enjoy a meal beforehand at one of the numerous restaurants nearby, or have dinner during the show! Vegas provides anything you want, and you have the option of customizing your trip any way you’d like.

    Bring your kids to an all-ages family event for a great bonding experience. Dance all night in a club-like atmosphere, or head to a sinfully decadent show for adults only! Find a romantic concert that will melt your heart, or experience a delightful pop event that will leave you smiling for weeks. No matter what type of concert you attend, you will remember the experience fondly forever!

    Of course, Vegas is a city that never sleeps, and you have endless entertainment options after the event as well. Concerts are the perfect place to regroup, relax, and get energized during your stay. Plus, you’ll be able to experience your favorite tunes live while on vacation!

    Las Vegas concerts are an essential part of the Vegas experience. As a world-class destination, these shows are likely to fill up quickly especially right before the event. To ensure you get the exact seats and prices you desire, book in advance so you don’t miss out! To help, we have a wide selection of tickets in all tiers and prices! Grab discount tickets, last-minute deals, sold out tickets, plus VIP packages and more! July 2017 is packed full of great concerts, and by booking today, you are guaranteed to have the best time possible on your Vegas vacation!