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Twenty One Pilots Tickets – Las Vegas Concerts 2018 – Mandalay Bay – Events Center, Las Vegas, NV
This alternative hip-hop duo has recently pushed their way into the mainstream music spotlight with hits like “Stressed Out” and “Car Radio,” and you can bet that Twenty One Pilots will continue to dominate the radio waves and the music charts with their infectious tunes.
Twenty One Pilots has one of the most distinct sounds in the current music landscape, and their blend of hip-hop, pop and rock has earned them significant praise from both fans and critics alike.
Now, you just might get to see Twenty One Pilots put on a high-energy performance at a concert venue near you, and it’s sure to be one of the most in-demand alternative music shows of the season.
Twenty One Pilots are currently on one of their biggest tours to date, which means that your chance to see them in action may be weeks or even days away. In the upcoming months, Twenty One Pilots will be tearing up stages everywhere from California and Arizona to New York and Pennsylvania.
Twenty One Pilots has already pocketed numerous major awards in 2018. In just this year alone, the duo has taken home two iHeartRadio Music Awards, two Billboard Music Awards and a Kerrang! Award.
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Twenty One Pilots Tickets

Twenty One

TWENTY ONE PILOTS – Mandalay Bay – Events Center, Las Vegas, NV

Twenty One Pilots is an alternative music duo composed of Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun. Joseph is the main vocalist and keyboardist, while Dun is the drummer. The roots of this popular alt-hip-hop outfit date back to 2009, when three college friends in Ohio decided to form a band. The original trio consisted of Tyler Joseph, Chris Salih and Nick Thomas. After a couple of years of performing at small venues and garnering a following online, Thomas and Salih left the group, and thus Joseph recruited Josh Dun to complete the current lineup of Twenty One Pilots. Prior to joining Twenty One Pilots, Josh Dun was the drummer for House of Heroes.

In 2012, this talented duo signed with Atlantic Records’ subsidiary, Fueled by Ramen, and Twenty One Pilots got to work on their debut record label release. In 2013, Twenty One Pilots released their breakout album, “Vessel,” which achieved success on multiple music charts in the US. Twenty One Pilots released popular hits like “Holding On To You” and “Car Radio,” and suddenly their songs were receiving major airplay on rock radio stations around the world. From Japan to California, mainstream rock stations and alternative music stations were airing Twenty One Pilots songs, and thus the duo’s fan base exploded. In just the past couple of years, Twenty One Pilots have risen to the top of the mainstream rock scene, and you can bet that they will continue to release high-charting hits and sell out major music venues in the upcoming years. To date, Twenty One Pilots has released two major label albums: “Vessel” (2013) and “Blurryface” (2015). Now, you just might get to hear your favorite Twenty One Pilots hits live in concert, because this critically acclaimed hip hop/rock duo is getting ready for their next round of knockout shows.

3950 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89119