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Las Vegas Deals December 2018

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Las Vegas Deals December 2018. Best Deals on – Hotels, Vacation Packages, Tours, Shows & Concerts. Live Events & Entertainment deals. Escape the Cold with a December Visit to Las Vegas
If you love the gambling, the shows and the sheer excitement of Las Vegas but hate the heat and the crowds, you might want to schedule your next visit for the month of December. The weather may be cold where you are, but the weather in Las Vegas is typically calm and warm at this time of year.

Now that the crowds are gone and hotel rooms are cheap and plentiful, there will be plenty of time to enjoy all that Las Vegas has to offer. You will need every minute of that time, since Las Vegas is filled with great things to see and do at this time of year. Here are just some of the highlights of December in Las Vegas.

Celebrate Old Blue Eyes
If you are a fan of Frank Sinatra, December definitely the time to visit Las Vegas. The city helped to make Old Blue Eyes a superstar, and Las Vegas goes all out to celebrate his birthday every December 12.
Ring in the New Year in Style
You do not have to shiver in the cold of Times Square to ring in the new year. You can welcome the new year and say goodbye to the old one right on the Las Vegas Strip. With more than 80,000 fireworks erupting from seven rooftop locations, the view is sure to be spectacular.

Eat Your Way Around Town
Once known for its cut-rate buffets, the city of Las Vegas has transformed itself into a foodie paradise. With celebrity chef restaurants and cooking competitions everywhere you turn, it is hard to avoid a good meal in Las Vegas.
If you want to take it all in, the Downtown Las Vegas Food Tour is the perfect way to eat your way through the city. Tours run throughout the month of December, so grab your plate and get ready to be amazed.

The city of Las Vegas is always a happening place, but the city pulls out all the stops as the year winds to a close. From spectacular fireworks to phenomenal world-class cuisine, December in Las Vegas truly offers something for everyone.
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