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Watch Hammer escapes grandma’s famous handcuff routine. Bite your tongue during the finale when Hammer swallows double-edged razor blades. His card tricks will leave you puzzled too with the question that defines a great magician, which Mike really is : “How does he do it???”
Become completely engulfed in Hammer’s magic tricks as he couples them with his unique, dry, witty, sarcastic and outrageous humor. His comedy based on racial jokes as well but they are all very funny and not offensive at all. He improvises a lot and interacts with the audience boldly despite the age , race or political preferences .
If you can’t laugh at yourself this show is probably not for you .When you combine magic and comedy with Mike Hammer’s energy and great comic timing, there’s not much more you ask for in a Las Vegas show. The cost of show is very affordable too and is worth every penny .
Welcome to Mike Hammer’s show – Best Prices & Best Seats!

Mike Hammer Tickets
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Location: Canyon Club, Four Queens

When it comes to comedy and magic with an edge, Mike Hammer nails it. He’s a master at making quick-witted comebacks and improvising with the audience.

Show times: 7 p.m. Tuesday – Saturday.
Show length: 60 minutes
Prices from: $24.55
Location: Canyon Club, Four Queens
Age restriction: Must be 13 years of age or older

Mike Hammer’s show is a fun magic and comedy and a live improv show that’s appropriate for the audience of all ages , kids are ok too !!
It is a fast-paced interactive magic and comedy show that takes place at the Four Queens Hotel, downtown Las Vegas.
He starts his show with making fun of himself first of how indecently affordable his show is.

Then, in 60-minutes you’ll experience a non-stop action, comedy, and wonderful magic. Along with the occasional mind-reading session and the swallowing of a double-edged razor blade, you haven’t seen an edgy show like this one, nor a funnier one for that matter.
Throughout the show he’ll occasionally point out how virtually challenged he is and remind that it’s not the David Copperfield’s show some of the audience was hoping to see.

Mike incorporates not only the audience’s participation, but audience integration to his Las Vegas Show, which makes his show different and unique. Mike’s quick improvisational skills bloom when he invites guests on stage with him and performs clever illusions and off-the-cuff jokes.
You never know what to expect with Mike Hammer and a random audience member; the dynamic keeps the show fresh and spontaneous.

202 Fremont Street, Las Vegas, NV 89101