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Las Vegas Points of Interest 2019

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Las Vegas Points of Interest – ideas. Las Vegas is a spectacular city, with beautiful sights, romantic vistas and new things to see and do at every turn. If you are coming to Las Vegas for the first time, the city can be a bit overwhelming. You will not be able to do everything on your first visit, but you can hit the highlights. Every first-time visitor to Las Vegas will have different interests and a different set of priorities, so no two must-see lists will be the same. That having been said, here are 10 great ideas to get you started.

Las Vegas Point of Interest -10 Great Ideas

Drive a race car

From driving authentic race cars in the desert to motoring smaller replicas in the various casinos and theme parks, Las Vegas gives you plenty of chances to live out your speediest fantasies.

Hit some golf balls

Las Vegas is heaven for golfers, with tons of public courses and just as many private clubs. Whether you want to spend a lot or a little, you can find a course that fits your needs. If traditional golf is not your thing, you can always play mini golf – those courses are everywhere.

Las Vegas Point of Interest – Be a superhero

The Marvel A.D.V.E.N.T.U.R.E is a popular spot for kits, but you will see plenty of adults there as well. This interactive experience is a must for any fan of comic books, superhero movies and all things Marvel.

Test your courage

If you love roller coasters and thrill rides, you will find them in abundance. From coasters perched high atop hotels to bungee-type rides that shoot you high into the air, you will find plenty of places to test your courage.

Take a gondola ride

You do not have to fly to Venice to enjoy a relaxing ride down an authentic Venetian canal. Just head to the hotel of the same name, grab your ticket and get ready for a wonderful ride. Gondola rides are popular with couples, but they are also great for groups of friends and even solo travelers.

Ride down the famed Vegas Strip

A ride down the Vegas Strip is a must for any first-time visitor. Whether you take a tour bus or drive your own car, you are sure to have a great time. Try traversing the entirety of the strip twice – once in daytime and another time at night.

Get a bird’s eye view

Las Vegas is a city of tall buildings and spectacular views, so get ready to be amazed. From the observation deck at the Stratosphere Tower to the shorter but just as amazing deck at the Eiffel Tower, you will find plenty of opportunities to get a bird’s eye view of the action.

Shop till you drop

If you love to shop, you will enjoy Las Vegas. From high-end shopping malls along the strip and luxury shops in the casinos themselves to bargain-priced outlet malls, you will find plenty of ways to spend your money.

Take a helicopter ride

If you really want to get a bird’s eye view, there is nothing like a helicopter ride over the Las Vegas Strip. You can book a helicopter tour through your hotel or check with one of the many tour operators in the city.

Las Vegas Point of Interest – Take a day trip

Las Vegas is filled with excitement and fun, but sometimes you just want to get out of town. Luckily, Las Vegas is perfectly situated for day trips and overnight excursions, with everything from the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam to Red Rock Canyon just a short drive away.

The city of Las Vegas is the perfect place to visit, and the hardest part may be fitting it all in. Once you see how much there is to see and do here, you may need to add a few days to your Las Vegas getaway.

When your road trip is at an end, you can come back and enjoy more Best things to do in Vegas.

Las Vegas Points of Interest – 10 great ideas and deals