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Romantic Things To Do in Las Vegas

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Romantic Things To Do in Las Vegas for couples

Romantic Things to Do, – Las Vegas is a popular spot for couples, and for good reason. With hundreds of wedding chapels scattered throughout the Las Vegas Strip and out into the suburbs, the city gives couples plenty of chances to tie the knot. But even if you are already married, you will find plenty of romantic adventures in the city that never sleeps.

Whether you are in town to renew your vows or just stroll around and people watch, you can indulge your romantic fantasies and treat your sweetheart right. Here are some romantic ideas to get you started.

Dance to the Dancing Waters

The dancing waters at the Bellagio Hotel are a real crowd favorite, but they are also a chance for you to show your romance. Just check your watch, then grab your sweetheart and ask for a dance just as the music starts and the fountains begin to erupt.

You do not have to be a great dancer to indulge this romantic fantasy. The folks around you will be too busy watching the fountains to notice your missteps or lack of timing.

Enjoy Dinner at the Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower has long been a popular spot for proposals, and for weddings, and the Las Vegas version is a lot closer than the one in Paris. The Eiffel Tower Experience is always a hit with couples, and there is nothing more romantic than sharing a kiss while looking out over the neon lights of the city.

After your eyes have had their fill, it is time for your stomachs to join in. The Paris Hotel and Casino is also home to some truly world-class dining, so make your reservations and get ready to indulge your inner gourmet. Your sweetheart will love it, and so will you.

Traverse the Canals of Venice

There is nothing quite as romantic as a gondola ride down the canals of Venice, and once again, you can enjoy the authentic experience without the transatlantic plane ride or the expense of getting a passport. Just grab your sweetie, head for the Venetian Hotel and get your tickets for a gondola ride.

The gondoliers are old hands at proposals, and they can help you with everything from romantic tunes to handing over the ring. No matter what kind of romantic adventure you have in mind, you can make it happen along the canals of this authentic-looking mockup of Venice.

Enjoy a Romantic Dinner In

Your hotel already has room service, so why not take advantage of it? Distract your sweetheart for a few minutes while you make all the arrangements, then go out on the town and come back to a three-course romantic dinner, complete with candles.

Many Vegas hotels have special packages just for lovers, but you can also customize your meal, add wine or champagne and make your dinner even more romantic. Either way, a beautiful room service meal in is a great alternative to going out.

Witness a Wedding

This one can be a big risky if you are unmarried and not ready to pop the question, but it can also be a lot of fun. The hundreds of wedding chapels around Las Vegas are always hosting ceremonies, and if your timing is right, you might be able to see one in person.

If you are really lucky, you may be able to serve as an official wedding witness. While many couples bring their own witnesses, others just rush to the altar, and that is where standby witnesses like you and your sweetie come into play.

Las Vegas is the perfect spot to spend a romantic weekend. With so many couples-friendly things to see and do, it is no wonder the town draws honeymooners and romantic couples from around the world, and now is the perfect time to join those lovers.


    Top Romantic Experiences for Las Vegas Visitors

    There is no doubt that Las Vegas is one of the most romantic cities on earth. After all, this unique city is home to dozens of wedding parlors and countless honeymoon suites. You can even get married by a real Elvis impersonator – what could be more romantic than that?

    Whether you are visiting Las Vegas on your honeymoon, getting ready to pop the question or planning to renew your vows, you will find plenty of suitably romantic venues for your adventures. Here are some of the best romantic experiences the city of Las Vegas has to offer.

    Enjoy a Romantic Hot Air Balloon Ride

    If you are looking for something truly unique to do with your sweetheart, think about booking a hot air balloon ride. The tall buildings and neon landscapes of Las Vegas take on a whole new look when seen from the air, and a balloon ride is undoubtedly romantic.

    Ask the balloon captain to pack a bottle of champagne and a picnic lunch, then enjoy it while flying high above the neon-lined streets of Las Vegas. Whether you use the balloon ride as a prelude to the big proposal or treat your spouse for Valentine’s Day, it is sure to be an experience neither of you will ever forget.

    Visit the Eiffel Tower

    There is nothing quite as romantic as a trip to the Eiffel Tower, and this one does not require a transatlantic plane trip or even a passport. The Eiffel Tower experience will whisk you and your significant other to the observation deck in a beautiful glass elevator. Once there, you can gaze out at the bright lights and neon signs that make Vegas such a beautiful place to be.

    When you are done with the observation deck, you can dine in true Parisian fashion at one of the many high-end restaurants. The Paris Hotel and Casino is home to some great 5-star restaurants, from high-end steakhouses to classic French cuisine.

    Indulge in a Couple’s Spa Day

    The only thing better than a day at the spa is a day at the spa with the person you love. With countless options to choose from and spa packages galore, Las Vegas is a true luxury lover’s dream.

    Whether you indulge in the full spa treatment package or opt for a fun couple’s massage, you and your sweetheart are sure to have a great time. Both of you will emerge relaxed, refreshed and ready for romance.

    Experience the Adult Side of Cirque du Soleil

    If your idea of Cirque du Soleil is family-friendly acrobats and death-defying high-wire acts, get ready to experience a whole new side of this Canadian circus troupe. Zumanity puts a decidedly adult spin on the Cirque du Soleil experience, and it is the perfect choice for couples of all ages and incarnations.

    With sexual scenes, romantic scenarios and explicit language, the Zumanity show is definitely not for kids. It is, however, a great way to get your romantic engines revved and ready for the night to come.

    Check Out the Wedding Chapels

    If you are planning to tie the knot in Vegas, a trip to a wedding chapel is probably already on the agenda. But even for married couples, a trip to an authentic Vegas wedding chapel can be a lot of fun. Just watching the young couples and reveling in their love can spark a new romantic excitement. Who knows, you might even be inspired to renew your vows on the spot.

    Las Vegas is a wonderful place to be, and a romantic one as well. With so many romantic things to see and do, it is no wonder so many couples come here for fun, sun and endless romance.